Photography, Print, Visual

Rebirthing – Paratissima Torino 2020 Art Station

november 13 – november 22  · 2020

Without direct memory of any similar precedent, we were caught unprepared by an emergency of unexpected proportions and its immediate and unpredictable consequences.
There are those who have had to retire, forced, into their own domestic shell, protection and at the same time prison, and those who fight on the front line, risking their lives to save others or continuing to work, to ensure the necessary services and supplies. In the current suspended and expanded present of the writer now, we live in expectation of a sign of hope or improvement, which suggests some nuance of a possible and near future.
The constant, the global common denominator, is uncertainty.
Each of us has been deprived of the possibility of planning something concrete or physically shareable tomorrow. We have been deprived in practical terms of the sense of community and sociality that characterizes the human being, unless we move in the virtual and dematerialized dimension of the ether.
But despite the uncertainty, what now stands out clearly and clearly on the horizon is the desire for rebirth and the need for change.
Thinking that “Nothing will be the same as before” – a cliché suggested by pessimistic common sense – is not enough. We need to make a switch because it becomes urgent and mandatory to imagine a different future, on an individual and global level.