Photography, Print, Visual


solo exhibition
december 12 2018 — january 27 2019

A snapshot, a photograph of what is its brief but intense journey into the world of visual art. On display the latest works of the artist, along with some works contained in past exhibitions.
Flanked by abstract material painting on wood, for the first time the artist experiments with the third dimension, creating sculptures by modeling and painting pieces of beached wood, collected after a violent storm.

Not now, not here.
Denial, alienation, evasion.
The act of painting, of sculpting, of creating.
A form of escape, from the present, from the concrete.
A catharsis.
Not now, not here.

“se l’obbedienza è dignità, fortezza
la libertà è una forma di disciplina
assomiglia all’ingenuità la saggezza
ma non ora non qui, no non ora non qui”